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Butterfly Trail

Interactive, web series

En un mundo donde todo parece perdido, surge una opción para transformar el pasado y vivir una nueva historia.

The Trail of the Butterfly is an interactive story that begins with Esmeralda Cárdenas Ortega, ECO, a 21-year-old biologist who, when enjoying a farewell party in 2017 in Bogotá, discovers an exotic butterfly. In a parallel world, during the same night but in 1834 in Montreal, Émilien, a 19-year-old slave boy, flees from French settlers who are trying to lynch him. He throws himself into the San Lorenzo river, while ECO in 2017, falls into the waters of the river San Francisco called “Eje Ambiental”, both youths now cross time and space, swapping places in time across the water. We see the adventures of the two protagonists in different eras and cultures that do not correspond to their own world. ECO, in 1834, Montreal learns to survive in the past as the culture is just beginning to abolish slavery, and Émilien in Bogota of 2017 is confronted by our modern world, connecting with each other through river of time. Where even a slight change will disrupt the flow the water in ways we can not understand. 

Our protagonists will have to flee from the PLUMBERS, officials from a secret organization, who act as the guardians of time, controlling the course of the waters of time since humanity learned to harness water power. Through these methodical and unpredictable agents of time, we will see the damage ECO and EMILIEN’s exchange has caused to the space time continuum, threatening the world as we know it. ECO, EMILIEN and the plumbers must bring the balance back at all costs, for the sake of the world as it’s the only one they know.


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