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el hombrecito midas

1973. Midas, an unemployed man who feels stagnant in his life, decides to leave the city of Pirita and pursue the American Dream in the United States. To obtain a visa, the American embassy requires a coprological test. During the process, Midas is reunited with Ramiro, an old friend, and both are approved to travel. Before leaving, Midas discovers an unusual business venture: selling his fecal matter to other applicants, ensuring that everyone passes the test and gets their visa without problems. His life takes a sudden turn, leading him to unexpected success. Meanwhile, Claudia, a journalist from El Porvenir, is hospitalize after trying to publish a revealing news story about the United States. There she meets Midas, who is also hospitalized due to his “stomach production”. Together, they form an alliance to unveil a big news story that will change their lives forever.

  • Country: Colombia

  • Company: HIERROanimación

  • Length: 90’

  • Directed By: Hildebrando Porras

  • Produced by: Carlos Smith

  • Genre: Dark Comedy

  • Technique: Mixed

  • Target: +13

Midas is at a crossroads between betraying his father’s legacy and pursuing the American dream. The story, full of irony and social criticism, reflects the desperation and the search for a better life in the midst of inequality and migration. With a focus on mixed-media animation and a narrative that combines reality and fantasy, Midas is a story of intersecting dreams and individual movements to achieve an ideal. This animated film for adults presents a nostalgic and hopeful vision of Latin America’s yearning for a better future.

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