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For a Bowl of Soup

Género: Thriller policíaco, musical
Target: Jóvenes adultos y adultos
Duración: 90’
Estado: Producción

Director y productor: Carlos Smith Rovira

The fish restaurant “Condoto” in the middle of Bogotá, has become in an embassy of the colombian pacific culture. The black woman Caridad, cooker of Condoto, mix at the rhythm of the currulao music, the content of her gigantic pot of soup, the scoop stops and when she lifts it, emerge, gush of fish “sancocho”, the head of the waitress, Lucinda.

For a Bowl of Soup immerses us in the dynamics of the heart of Bogotá, where two fish restaurants compete on a gray street. As the waiters try to attract customers in a hurry, the contrast between the popular, bustling, and colorful restaurant and the more sober and distinguished one, stands out. This area becomes the embassy of the Colombian Pacific, representing a melting pot of respectful encounters between diverse cultures.

Downtown Bogota is transformed into a vital backdrop that oscillates between the sordid and the cheerful. Inspired by the work of Robert Crump and Ralph Bakshi, the film presents a gallery of characters with stories marked on their distorted faces; with a desaturated color palette for the city and vibrant tones for the restaurants. The deep framing and unrealistic perspective capture the complexity of the human fauna in this unique environment.

The film dispenses with dialogue, allowing animation and music to become expressive vehicles. The music, fusing traditional Pacific rhythms with urban airs, will accompany musical numbers that present the spaces and characters in a comical and atmospheric manner. The absence of dialogue broadens the international scope, while the narrative relies on the sound and visual evocation of the cultural elements present in the plot.

For a Bowl of Soup will explore city life, the struggle for survival, and the richness of Afro-descendant culture, all framed in an exciting gastronomic thriller.

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